About Us

Architecture and design is as old as human being itself. No matter where, no matter when people always wanted and want to build for their comfort and convenience. This requires best professionals in architectural sphere who can gather cultural features of common society and combine with experience collected over centuries.

This trend is going on nowadays also. Today no matter a house, park, building, skyscraper, church, mosque, region, city is going to be built, one of the first and most difficult works is architectural design with its all attributes i.e. cultural, regional, seismic etc. These works are the most responsible ones, as the rest comes after them thus the best quality in architecture, exterior and interior design is mandatory for each of us.

Our mission is to gather brilliant minds from all over the world share the experience in order to give the best quality for every single client from any part of the world. The result until now is…

  • Gathering experience and professionalism and synergize for particular works for more than 5 years,
  • Nearly 100 projects designed, reconstructed or reinforced,
  • Dozens of prepared specialists for any kind of complicated projects,
  • New client-friendly service system implemented.
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